Acquisition Consulting Services

We provide subject matter expertise in the areas of federal procurement and federal appropriations law. Consulting services are available on either a short-term basis (e.g., responding to complex questions pertaining to federal acquisition and fiscal law) or a long-term basis (e.g., support to contractor proposals and preparing performance-based work statements to the government). Rates will vary depending on the complexity of the requirement, the skill level required and the duration of the engagement, but generally have been between $150 - $500/hour. For our federal customers, consulting services may be procured at discount rates under our GSA MOBIS contract (GS-10F-0355S).

Key Benefits

  • Federal agencies will receive a complete acquisition package tailored to your requirement.  Package includes (as appropriate): The Acquisition Plan, Source Selection Plan, DoD MOCAS Reports, Statement of Work (SOW), Performance Work Statement (PWS), Statement of Objectives (SOO) and Sections L and M.
  • Contractors will receive proposal writing support and strategy development facilitation focused on the particular agency customer.
  • You will receive clear and concise recommendations without the vague and often meaningless "consultant-speak" you can receive from other companies.
  • Our personnel have extensive acquisition experience and legal experience that can help you avoid problems that could affect the success of your source selection or proposal effort.
  • We have a perfect record of procurement integrity and ethics, so you know that the security of your source selection sensitive information and bid and proposal information will not be compromised.


Our personnel have supported hundreds of source selections and contractor proposal efforts in many different industries, including: aerospace, reconnaissance, civil and military construction, research and development, information technology, communications systems, inventory control, advisory and assistance services and many others.  We are able to draw from this experience to identify and adapt best practices to any given situation.  Many of our personnel have current Security Background Investigations and could be easily cleared to the Top Secret level, if necessary.     

  • For procuring agencies, services include: development of agency acquisition regulations, analysis and recommendations for improvement of agency acquisition processes, performance-based contracting facilitation services, acquisition planning, acquisition strategy development, selection of appropriate evaluation factors, red team review of agency acquisition documents, preparation of debriefing materials, protest support, claims analysis and dispute resolution.
  • For contractors, services include: drafting subcontracts and teaming agreements, proposal strategy development, flowdown clauses, compliance support, RFP risk assessments, red team reviews, assistance with oral presentations, cost-allowability analysis, contract litigation, protest evaluation and support, claims analysis and dispute resolution.

Labor Categories

Labor Category



Consulting Counsel

Attorney with at least 10 years experience in Federal Procurement Law.


Senior Consultant

Bachelor's degree, at least one year of post-graduate work and at least 10 years of experience in some aspect of federal acquisition.



Bachelor's degree and at least 3 years of experience in some aspect of federal acquisition.


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