All of our acquisition training and materials have been developed by experienced practitioners who not only understand the complexities of the federal procurement process, but can also dynamically present the subject matter in a way that is easily comprehensible. Every training session is structured so the instructor can assess the experience level of the students and tailor the presentation accordingly. This alignment of the presentation to the experience level enhances the ability of the student to retain and use the information presented in class. The dual objectives of all of our training is the refinement of personnel skills and improvement of organizational processes, not merely the presentation of information.

Key Benefits

  • Students will receive the most up to date information available

  • Most instructors are attorneys who have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest procurement laws and regulations

  • Students will learn how to apply the information presented to achieve organizational and professional goals

  • Key points will be reinforced with practical exercises tailored for each course

  • Instructors will travel to your site to eliminate downtime and student travel expenses

  • Course fee includes materials, exercises, model solutions and high quality completion certificates.

Export Controls and Sanctions - New Course!
The US government regulates exports and other transactions involving foreign countries and foreign persons for reasons of national security and foreign policy.  These regulations are complex and involve several regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction depending on the circumstances.  Failure to abide by the regulations can result in civil and criminal penalties, as well as breach of contract.  This two-day course provides an overview of US Government export control rules and sanctions. You will learn how to recognize a covered transaction, develop a compliance strategy and estimate the costs of compliance.  A key element and objective of this course will be its focus on work sessions providing for practical application of the subject matter, with ample time for Q&A.  Course Fee:  $6100 (up to 20 students - $125 for each additional student).

Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act - New Course!

This one-day class implements the requirements of OMB M-17-27 for specific training on the Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for the federal acquisition workforce.  We will cover the requirements of the BAA and TAA, when and how they apply, the exceptions to the Acts and documentation requirements.  Several relevant case studies will be used to reinforce key points and to gain a better understanding of the law through the interpretations of the courts, boards of contract appeals and the GAO.   Course Fee: $3600 (up to 20 students - $100 for each additional student).

Intellectual Property 

This one-day class provides essential information for both government and contractor personnel interested in protecting their intellectual property rights. Subjects covered include: Patents under government contracts, the government's authority to authorize patent infringement, copyright and trademark law under government contracts, trade secrets, technical data rights and computer software data rights. The class also covers intellectual property rights under commercial item contracts and includes practical exercises based on actual licensing agreements.  Course Fee: $3600 (up to 20 students - $100 for each additional student).

Annual FAR Update 

This one-day session summarizes recent changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Course material is continually updated and covers FAR changes finalized in the 12-month period preceding each class. This class enables busy acquisition professionals to “catch up” on a year’s worth of changes in a single day. Coverage of particular agency supplements will be provided upon request at no additional charge. Course Fee: $3100 (up to 20 students - $100 for each additional student).

Contractors in the Federal Workplace 

The federal workplace is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Today, in most federal facilities, contractor employees work side-by-side with government employees to an unprecedented degree. While this arrangement generally benefits both parties, it requires all personnel involved to clearly understand the rules applicable to the government-contractor relationship. This 3-hour class will enable participants to correctly apply the rules applicable to personal services contracting, inherently governmental functions, the Procurement Integrity Act and conflicts of interest. Course Fee: $1650 (up to 20 students - $50 for each additional student).

Procurement Ethics for Contractors and Government Personnel 

Recent cases of high-profile ethics violations have resulted in a renewed emphasis on procurement ethics. This one-day course covers the latest changes to the ethics rules applicable to government and contractor personnel, including the  Procurement Integrity Act, organizational conflicts of interest, financial conflicts of interest, hiring ex-government employees, gift prohibitions and representational prohibitions. Course Fee: $3100 (up to 20 students - $100 for each additional student).

FAR Clauses and Provisions

This two-day class covers all of the key FAR clauses and provisions and points out the rights and liabilities that each provides. The class also covers contract flowdown issues and explains when and how to flow down clauses and provisions to subcontractors. Coverage of particular agency supplements will be provided upon request at no additional charge. Course Fee:  $6100 (up to 20 students - $125 for each additional student). 

ID/IQ Contracting Techniques

This two-day course teaches students everything they need to know to effectively set up and use Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts. Students will learn when and how to use ID/IQ contracts, how to develop and implement the acquisition strategy, how to get the most out of oral presentations and sample tasks, how to issue task and delivery orders and how to provide vendors a “fair opportunity” to be considered. Topics will also include pricing task and delivery orders and procedures for terminating orders. Course Fee:  $6100 (up to 20 students - $125 for each additional student). 

Commercial Item Contracting

This two-day course will enable students to effectively use the commercial item procedures of Part 12 of the FAR. Topics covered include analysis of the commercial item clauses, how and when these clauses may be modified, market research, how to select the appropriate procurement method, contract financing, data rights, termination procedures and the use of performance-based contracting methods.  The course includes discussion of the most recent cases and regulatory changes, as well as several practical exercises. Course Fee: $6100 (up to 20 students - $125 for each additional student). 

Performance-Based Source Selection Strategies for Contractors

This two-day course is designed to assist contractors planning to participate in a performance-based source selection. There are fundamental differences in proposal strategy that must be mastered to successfully compete in a performance-based source selection. This course addresses the unique aspects of performance-based source selections and provides a step-by-step process for maximizing your chances for success. If you have an RFP that you are planning to respond to, this class could be tailored to address the key requirements of the particular RFP. Course Fee: $6100 (up to 20 students - $125 for each additional student). 

How to Conduct a Performance-Based Acquisition

This three-day course will assist agencies in meeting their performance-based contracting goals. The course provides a step-by-step analysis that will enable students to successfully conduct a performance-based acquisition and minimize the risk of protest. Topics include: development of the work statement and identification of key performance metrics, setting performance standards and acceptable quality levels, developing an effective incentive plan that will achieve results and writing a customized quality assurance plan to verify performance levels achieved. Course Fee:  $9100 (up to 20 students - $150 for each additional student).

Introduction to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

The FAR is a comprehensive regulation that covers virtually every aspect of federal procurement. This three-day course will enable students to better understand and more effectively use this very important regulation. In addition to learning about every part of the FAR, students will learn how to research the FAR and how to keep up with changes. Course Fee:  $9100 (up to 20 students - $150 for each additional student).

Basic Federal Appropriations Law

This three-day course covers the fundamental concepts of federal appropriations law. Topics include an overview of the appropriations process, the bona fide needs rule, severable and non-severable contracts, the “Purpose” statute and the Antideficiency Act. Class discussion will be augmented with practical exercises to reinforce these key fiscal concepts. Course Fee:  $9100 (up to 20 students - $150 for each additional student).

Best Value Source Selection

This four-day course teaches students how to take full advantage of the source selection procedures of Part 15 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to select the best value offeror. Students will learn how to identify and describe agency requirements, conduct efficient market research, prepare key source selection documents, develop and appropriately weight relevant evaluation factors, organize the Request for Proposals, conduct and document the evaluation process, support the award decision and minimize the potential for protest. Course Fee:  $12,100 (up to 20 students - $175 for each additional student).

Introduction to Government Contracting

This comprehensive five-day course covers all major aspects of federal contracting.  Starting with an overview of the government contracting process, the course will discuss more specific topics, such as contract funding, contract types, competition requirements and exceptions, procurement methods (e.g., simplified acquisitions, commercial item procedures, sealed bidding and competitive negotiations), contract changes, inspection and acceptance, contract terminations and protests and disputes. In addition, students will apply the lessons learned in several practical exercises to reinforce key points throughout the class. Course fee:  $15,100 (up to 20 students - $200 for each additional student).

Student Comments

The comments below are quotes from student evaluation forms in prior courses.

  • Mr. Tomanelli is the best instructor I have had in my 17 years of federal contracting experience.

  • Mr. Tomanelli is an unusually gifted instructor.  He managed to hold our attention at all times and explain complex issues brilliantly.

  • Very informative and really knows the subject. He makes learning easy.

  • One of the very best instructors I have had. He has the ability to explain complex information to a lay person. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Best instructor I've had to date. Knows his stuff and knows how to deliver(emphasis in original)

  • Awesome instructor, he owns the material!

  • Steve is very knowledgeable, spoke from actual experience, and has an excellent approach and demeanor.  This course will enhance our ability to submit winning proposals.

  • This is the most useful course I have ever taken.

  • Beyond professional! Bring him back, he was invaluable to the course.

  • Steven provided a welcoming and intriguing atmosphere for learning.  He made it fun while imparting vast amounts of useful information!

  • Best class I ever attended at MARCORSYSCOM!

  • This was my best acquisition training experience.  Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Steven has a wealth of knowledge and great presentation skills.  He is a delight!

  • So knowledgeable and articulate and respectful and invigorating - that is Mr. Tomanelli!

  • Steve is fantastic!  I enjoyed his class and hope he returns.

  • Exhibits a superb grasp of the material! Does a great job of relating material to daily job.

  • Wonderful! Very knowledgeable of subject matter. Answered all questions! Gave numerous ways of handling problems. A great instructor.

  • This was my third course with Mr. Tomanelli.  He is incredibly knowledgeable on the FAR and presents this topic in an engaging manner. 

  • This course is the most effective training I have received on the FAR.  I would even say that it is better than the COR 222 course.

  • He really knows what he's talking about and uses good examples. His readiness to answer questions and talk about concrete situations is great.

  • He was outstanding--with broad procurement knowledge. He was able to answer everyone' s questions. I learned MORE than I expected.

  • Fabulous course taught by an excellent instructor.